Top 10 first date ideas

You've met, you've laughed, sparks were flying around and you want to see each other again, so now what?
After texting and sending quirky replies, it is the moment of truth - meet again in person, and there are a couple of things to get covered.
What should you wear? Where to meet? How to play it all smoothly? (like you're not anxious about it) ๐Ÿ˜€

The best advices are the common ones, and we stand by that thought, but we'll also dig a little deeper into why you should follow our advice and pick one of the following options for your date.
It is encouraged that you put a little twist in these ideas just to be original and put your character behind it.. Also, you might want your date to remember you after all ;) Let us begin..

What can we say? For now.. That's all folks! We hope one of the suggestions will inspire you to have an amazing day with the person you like! If you want to organize it nicely and in an efficient, cool manner - check out our Meetz app!

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