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Discover cool things nearby

No matter where you are, see what is happening nearby. You can see all the top things to do right now and join the things that seem nice.

There is always a wide variaty of cool events taking place, but just in case you find nothing interesting, you can always easily invite people nearby to join you on your own adventure.

discover events nearby
meet with friends

Meet with your friends

Meetz helps you organize casual and fun things to do with your friends.

Unlike other social networks, we really want you to spend most of the time with the people you love hanging out, doing things you like or having new fun and exciting experiences.

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Meet new people

Meetz app is perfect when you visit a new city or country, but regardless of that, you can meet new people that share the same interests as you.

Simply find the activity you like and enjoy your time doing things you like, all while expanding your circle of friends with new people.

meet new people

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